Scaling equality

There was nothing. But everything is happening. The chaos is only anticipated and we are ready. Security is ready. The extra police forces are ready. The students are ready. The dean is ready. Mr. Blade thinks he is ready. Are you ready?

The sweet scent of fallen Jacaranda flowers mockingly fills campus. I sneeze. No one tramples the flowers except the big mass groups trying to discuss politics like grown-ups. We are all so young.

They too were young. They were only highschool scholars marching against oppressive language. They have grown. They are students marching against oppressive money.

My friend was beaten by protesters today. His car was overturned. His brain beaten with a brick.

Brain for learning. Bricks for building.

Fiery future fathers jumping on men. Up and down. A freedom dance.

He was upset about the silence of his poverty. I was upset about the silencing of my friend’s life.

But I am for this.

I too will benefit from this.

I too want the silence of greedy men.

I too want forgiveness.

I have these:

I am born free in equality:

and with dignity

I have a nationality.

But I am not a slave.

I am:

a person before law

protected by law,

I am:

entitled to think and speak

entitled to be heard

entitled to life

– allowed education.

There are thirty of these “I am’s” that don’t make me any more a person than it does the person without the “I am’s”.

Human Rights for equality. Did the package of equality come with a scale? I want a refund.

Equality as a rotten fish before hungry souls. Dangling on a hook it waits for the bite. The fat cats lying on the graves of our men.

Is this a game where we scale up? One “I am” down, two “I am’s” to go.

More of a person.

I need you to tell me I am a person. Just like you are a person. We are people. This is what we do.

We am


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